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Welcome to Maxx4 Life, an exciting company dedicated to providing the best CBD products in the market, whilst helping change people’s lives for the better.

Located in Malaga, Spain, we use a unique and proprietary production method and formula without using any kind of solvents – known only to Maxx4 Life – ensuring we can supply the strongest, cleanest, most effective organically produced CBD products in Europe. This has driven a high demand in customers wanting our products, meaning Maxx4 Life has developed an extremely loyal customer base and products that sell easily, as people are searching for good quality CBD that they can trust.

Making the products available via social marketing means this life changing opportunity to create a home-based business and build a true and strong residual income is made available to anyone and everyone over the age of 18, with no limitations of age, sex or previous experience.


Many people have the aspiration to start their own business in order to break free from the restrictions of routine, limited earnings, the daily commute, stress and monotony of their job. Working for someone else can provide a secure income… or can it? It used to in generations gone by, but sadly this is no longer the case in today’s fast-moving and fast-changing world.

The aims of a business owner or entrepreneur are to do what you love, have more time, more money, be your own boss and have more choice in life.

Sadly, what this actually means for many of those who make the jump to start their own business is less time, more stress, financial risk, and often less personal income. There’s stock to buy, leases to sign, staff to employ, accounts to manage, product development, marketing, fulfilment and more. Before long a large fixed overhead appears! This is a chain to the daily grind of having to work around the clock to break even and make a small profit if you’re one of the few who make it. 60% of businesses fail in the first three years, and 20% will fail in under 12 months.


We have designed the Maxx4 life opportunity to break this mould and allow EVERYONE who has the desire to do something different to start their own business and be successful.

We have a unique, high-quality product range in an exploding niche in the health and wellness sector (itself one of the fastest growing industries in the world).

We provide an opportunity and structure for you to create an income stream by referring customers to our products and showing others how to do the same.

The company takes care of all the mundane elements of a business such as product development, website, online shop and tracking software, taking customer payments, order fulfillment, customer service, HR, and stock management. This leaves you free to work as little or as much as you like, purely focussing on activities that generate income for you!


This concept is called Social Marketing and revolves around building relationships with people and attracting customers to a brand. You probably already do this without realising. For instance, when was the last time you recommended a film or movie at the cinema, or a great restaurant? When that recommendation of yours turned into a customer for the cinema or restaurant, did you get paid? Probably not! With Maxx4 Life, you have the opportunity of not just being paid to refer a customer, but you will be paid EVERY time that customer makes a purchase. Not only that, but you can also earn a commission for showing other people how to do the same. Our goal is to keep attracting customers who stay with us. If you have the ability to build relationships and attract customers to something you recommend, this opportunity is made for you. It will give you the ability to build an income stream, build a business across many different countries and have the time to do what you want when you want.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the largest provider of quality CBD products in Europe, by providing a unique income opportunity for those who wish to recommend our products to others through social marketing.

Our Values

Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical and fair. We adhere to our word and do what we say we are going to do. Honesty: We promote our products without making unsubstantiated claims. Opportunity: We recognise people have their own aspirations and promote the opportunity without our own bias. Team: We work as a team, understanding that respecting and helping others achieve what they want is the best approach to attaining what we want.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide the finest organic CBD products to our customers at a price which reflects great value. These products are delivered through personal recommendation which gives the customer a personalised experience and a better understanding of the product range than by simply buying off the shelf.


We have produced the finest quality ‘full spectrum’ organic CBD oil in Europe – produced from the whole plant, not just the stalk. Our oil is NON-GMO, pesticide free and CO2 extracted using only organic ingredients. We don’t use any high heat processing that reduces the potency of the CBD. CO2 extraction also means there are no residual undesired chemicals left in the product such as ethanol. Each batch is firstly tested at our lab and then independently tested at a government sponsored lab for quality and purity so our customers know they are getting a consistent, superior product every time they order it.


Just like a traditional company, Maxx4 Life has a structure you can work your way up. However, unlike a traditional organisation, everyone starts at the same ‘rank’ and has the option to move through the ranks to the top position. There are no obstacles in your way such as age, experience, qualifications, gender, or location. YOU decide which rank you want to obtain and how fast you want to obtain it.

The ranks are obtained by achieving the sales volume required for that rank. This is from the customers you recommend and the customers coming from others you have attracted to the opportunity. The higher the rank, the more commissions you access – simple!

The company has exciting incentives along the way, such as trips, a car bonus, and a leadership bonus too. A full training and support system is in place, and don’t forget that the company takes care of everything such as order taking and fulfillment for you.

Maxx4 Life Business Opportunity

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