One thing is for sure, you can’t sell the goods if you haven’t stocked the shelves – and in order to keep selling, the goods have to be the best. 


The foundation of our business is the knowledge that safe, effective, natural products need to be made from the very best high quality ingredients which originate from healthy pesticide free soil. Here in the Mediterranean we have exactly that – nutrient rich soil that hasn’t been over-farmed and of course, all that nourishing glorious sunshine. 


Our priority is maintaining the integrity of these gifts from nature and so we use a unique and proprietary production method without using any kind of solvents – known only to MAXX4 LIFE – ensuring we can supply the strongest, cleanest, and most effective organically produced CBD range in Europe. Then we synergistically combine those high quality ingredients so they bring out the best in each other and work together as a team to increase the potency and efficiency of each product. Is it rocket science, alchemy or just a bit of magic? Our loyal clients don’t seem to care, they just love them. We don’t have to shout about it, our products speak for themselves…

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